1 U.S. Dollar = 0.89 Swiss Francs

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Our gold widget dynamically updates every five minutes to provide you with the most recent spot price of gold.  It also displays the daily price of gold for the last ten years, and can be scaled to display any time frame within its parameters.

For your convenience, Rate of Gold allows you to embed our gold widget on any website you wish.  Whether you want to use our free widget for your financial website or simply want to place it on a personal Wordpress or Blogger account, all you need to do is copy and paste the following code onto it.  Before doing so, please be sure to review and follow the usage terms listed below.

The chart is created with the following bit of code, just copy and paste into your WordPress or regular HTML website.

(In order for our gold widget to display properly on your website or blog, please note that the minimum dimensions
are 610 pixels by 305 pixels.)

Adding Our Widget to Your Custom Wordpress Blog

Click here to download our Wordpress widget

Adding our free gold widget to your self-hosted Wordpress blog is a relatively simple endeavor.

Manually installing our widget

To manually install our widget, simply follow these instructions. Remember: To manually install our widget, you must download the plugin from this website.

1.) Download the Zip file.
2.) Place the Zip file on your desktop.
3.) Log into the back end (admin section) of your Wordpress site.
4.) Upload the Zip file.
5.) Activate the widget
6. Copy and paste the shortcode [rateofgoldchart] into any post or page and our gold widget will appear.

Wordpress Short Code

It is also possible to embed our gold widget directly into a page or post by pasting into it one small line of code.  Introduced in Wordpress 2.5, a shortcode allows you to embed special content without having to write a custom function.

For our gold widget, simply paste [rateofgoldchart] into any post or page and our gold widget will appear.

Terms of Use

By embedding our chart on your website, you agree to refrain from posting or linking to inappropriate content.  You also agree to redistribute the chart in its original format and only use the code once per page.

What to Do if You Cannot See Your Widget

If you are unable to view our gold widget after embedding it on your site, please make sure that javascript is enabled on your browser and you have the most recent flash player available.  For the latter, you can confirm this by visiting http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.  If a more recent version is available, download it.  If you follow these steps and are still unable to view our widget, you will need to clear your cache.

Below are instructions for how to clear your cache.

For Internet Explorer 8:

From the Safety menu in the upper right corner, click Delete Browsing History ► De-select Preserve Favorites data Select Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History Click Delete

For Internet Explorer 7:

From the Tools menu in the upper right corner, select Internet Options Under Browsing History, click Delete To delete your cache, click Delete Files To delete your cookies, click Delete Cookies Click Close

For Firefox 7.0.1 and above for Windows:

Select the drop down menu in the upper left corner Scroll over the History button From the drop down menu that appears, select Clear Recent History Select which elements you want to delete as well as the time range to delete.  To clear your entire cache, select Everything

For Firefox 3.5 for Windows:

From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History Select the time range you wish to delete.  To clear a specific time range, enter the desired range.  To clear your entire cache, select Everything Click the arrow next to Details to clear specific elements (e.g. check the Cookies box to clear your cookies) Click Clear Now


Rate of Gold’s proprietary gold widget is intended to provide investors with another outlet for tracking the price of gold.  Neither our widget nor any of the content related to it should be construed as financial advice.  Please remember that the editors of Rate of Gold are not financial experts.  As always, we highly recommend that you consult with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.