1 U.S. Dollar = 0.89 Swiss Francs

  • Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Advocates Returning to the Gold Standard


    Presidential hopeful Ron Paul appeared on Fox News last week to discuss his plan to return the United States - and potentially the world - to a gold standard.

    For years, Paul has criticized central banks and their penchant for printing money during times of economic duress, a move he and others believe only serves to plunge the..

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  • Chavez Announces Plan to Recall Venezuela's Foreign Gold Deposits


    In what is being viewed as a predominantly political move, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced his intention to recall all of his country's foreign gold reserves.

    Last week, the first shipment (more than 200 tons of gold) arrived in Caracas as Chavez supporters danced in the street amid armed soldiers. Venezuela has gold reserves in Europe, Canada, Switzerland..

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  • A Historical Perspective of Central Banks


    Gold has left an indelible mark on almost every facet of mankind’s history, including our banking and financial systems.

    The first bankers were actually goldsmiths, who charged a fee for storing other people’s gold. These goldsmiths issued paper receipts to people for their gold, and the idea of paper currency began to spread. Soon the bankers began issuing..

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  • The Expropriation of Paper Currencies


    If the last five years have taught investors anything, it is the importance of securing their wealth in assets that cannot disappear overnight. Stocks and fiat currencies have demonstrated a remarkable ability to depreciate in value, while other investments like CDOs collapsed under a sagging housing market.

    The stark reality is this: paper currencies and other assets controlled..

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  • Will the Gold Bubble Burst?


    For years, skeptics have warned of an imminent drop in the price of gold as the bubble bursts. The recent downswing in the price of gold has led many of these so-called pundits to declare it just the beginning of a steep fall.

    This fear demonstrates a misunderstanding in the way bubbles work. A bubble generally..

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  • Drawbacks and Benefits of Owning Rare Gold Coins


    Rare gold coins are an excellent investment option for investors who are looking for both functionality and enjoyment in their investments. Rare gold coins offer the value retention gold is known for as well as the excitement of collecting numismatic coins.

    There is a number of advantages to owning rare gold coins. A brief accounting..

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  • A Guide to Purchasing Rare Gold Coins


    In recent decades, collecting rare gold coins has become more and more popular among investors. Because of their rarity and popularity among collectors, rare gold coins are purchased and sold at values that exceed the value of their gold content.

    Rare gold coins are different from gold bullion, which is minted solely as a store of value. Rare..

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  • Is Gold Still a Sound Investment?


    After the recent swoon in gold prices, is it still wise to invest in gold? In a word, yes. Gold has a well-earned reputation as the "asset of last resort." In times of financial strife, both investors and governments flock to the security and value retention it provides.

    Our current economic difficulties, which include too much debt and..

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